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Welcome to C.A.S.IT. Welcome to Italy.

In 1995, Centro Attività Scolastiche Italiane (C.A.S.IT., Inc.), as proposed by the Italian Consulate General in Boston, was formed as a non-profit educational and professional organization, for the promotion of Italian language and culture in the public and private schools of New England.

Our Mission is to assist communities that wish to introduce, preserve, rejuvenate or broaden the study of the Italian language in their schools. CASIT offers grants of varying amounts for the establishment of Italian language and cultural programs with the ultimate purpose to institute Italian as a subject in the school curriculum.

Italian Heritage Contest Awards:


1. Carolina, Audrey, and Antonio: Milano. Eliot School, Boston. Teacher: Rosemarie Grasso-Caracciola.

2. Mrs. Notaro’s 5th grade class: Viaggio a Pompeii. McGlynn Elementary School, Medford. Teacher: Laura Odoguardi.

Middle School:

1. Rachel Dakermanji, Abby Czwakiel, and Karina Landry: Viaggiare in Italia. (7th grade, Madeleine Dugger) Andrews Middle School, Medford. Teacher: Adriana Thomas.

2. Joseph Scioli, 8th grade: Trip to Rome. Wilmington Middle School. Teacher: Katia DeStefano.

High School Levels 1-3:

1. Miya Fieleke, Italian 3H: Possiamo andare a Roma. Winchester High School. Teacher: Abbey Mathews.

2. Zoe Miller and Tiana Pignone, Italian 2H: Ho vinto un viaggio in Italia. Stoneham High School. Teacher: Teresa Soccio.

3. Natalie Maldonado, Italian 1. La mia settimana in Italia. Revere High School. Teacher: Joanne LaPolla.

High School Levels 4-5AP:

1. Alison Rowley and Jude Macannuco, Italian 5: Il nostro viaggio in Italia. Winchester High School, Teacher: Tanya Ferretto

2. Gislane Braga, Rachel Garland, and Kayla Brum, Italian 4: Andiamo a Firenze. Medford High School. Teacher: Rita DiCarlo.

Creative Award:

1. Morgan Lopez and Sofia Cucinatti, Italian 2: The amazing trip to Venice. Winchester High School. Teacher: Abbey Mathews.

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Additional Information

The Italian Ministry of Foreign affairs, through the Consulate General of Italy of Boston, provides partial incentive funds for Italian Instruction in New England elementary, middle and high schools. CASIT, an “ente gestore” (managing entity) for the Italian Ministry, receives and administers the grants and funds. If your school/district is interested in starting or continuing an Italian program, please contact our office or download the Enrollment Form and follow the instructions for grant requests. Learn more

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Chi é il C.A.S.IT. Bostoniano

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