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Welcome to C.A.S.IT. Welcome to Italy.

In 1995, Centro Attività Scolastiche Italiane (C.A.S.IT., Inc.), as proposed by the Italian Consulate General in Boston, was formed as a non-profit educational and professional organization, for the promotion of Italian language and culture in the public and private schools of New England.

Our Mission is to assist communities that wish to introduce, preserve, rejuvenate or broaden the study of the Italian language in their schools. CASIT offers grants of varying amounts for the establishment of Italian language and cultural programs with the ultimate purpose to institute Italian as a subject in the school curriculum.

2015 C.A.S.IT. Casino Night

With attendance topping last year’s event, guests were a buzz throughout the evening. Colleagues and friends reunited while CASIT also welcomed many new friends. Light-hearted Black Jack to Roulette “gaming” served as the backdrop and all that is “Italian” was carefully woven into every detail of the evening. The food, the ambiance, the music, and the spoken language...all CASIT, all Italian…all to benefit children.

Special thanks to the generosity of JLC-Tech LLC, Capone Iron Corporation, Ray Tomasi, Wilmington Sons of Italy Lodge, Hanover Wine & Spirits, Costantino Richards Rizzo LLP, Roome & Guarracino LLC, Patriot Iron Corp, Eagle Bank, Wolf Meadow Farms, Lily Pasta, Giangregorio Bros. Green Cross Pharmacy, Rossi & Associates, Suzanne Ianella, Boston Metrology, Inc., Arco Welding Supply Co., Inc., Cappuccio Construction Co., Inc., Rucci Bardaro Falzone PC, Pasciuto Properties, Aizoon USA Inc.., Our Lady’s Academy, Mclane Middleton, St. John School, St. Mary’s School, Spinelli’s Function Facility, P&H Business Support Solutions, LLC., and so many others.

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Casino Night 2015 Casino Night 2015 Casino Night 2015

CASIT Book Club

Book Club
The CASIT Italian Book Club will be dedicated to the fiction and non-fiction works of Italian-American writers who focus on Italian-American issues, themes, and history, as well as to authentic Italian works available in CASIT’s library. A literary work will be chosen for each month and the club will meet monthly to discuss the suggested reading.

Our first meeting for the Book Club is Thursday, November 19, at 7pm. This month reading choices are: Unto the Sons by Gay Talese (in English) and Un Archivio Impolverato by Silvana Cellucci (in Italian).

Barnes and Noble, 444A Broadway, Saugus, Ma. 01906

Click here or on the thumbnail to download our Book Club flyer.

Contact: Vilma Bibeau:

Gratitude to C.A.S.IT from Winchester High School

This video is a token of Winchester's immense gratitude to C.A.S.IT (Centro Attività Scolastiche Italiane) and the help that they provide for the Winchester Public School system. Specifically for the Italian program.

2015 MaFLA Conference

2015 MaFLA Conference 2015 MaFLA Conference 2015 MaFLA Conference
2015 MaFLA Conference
2015 MaFLA Conference 2015 MaFLA Conference

Italian Language Classes Registration form
**Adult Italian Language Classes!**

IMPARIAMO L’ITALIANO ! C.A.S.IT., Inc. (Centro Attività Scolastiche Italiane), the education committee under the auspices of the Italian Consulate of Boston, is pleased to invite those who wish to learn the beautiful Italian language, for travelers, heritage speakers and all who want to celebrate the innumerable contributions of Italy to world civilization, to enroll in our new adult education program of Italian courses.

Classes are conducted Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

Click on the thumbnail image to view or download our PDF registration form for our Italian Language course. Learn more here.

Casino Night 2015 Flyer Impariamo Giocando:

Italian laboratories for children of age 4 to 10 at CASIT. Children will “discover” the beauty of the Italian language with a non-traditional teaching approach. Theme-based laboratories, such as music, theater, art, dance, and poetry blended in “active learning”, will foster a yearning for deeper “discovery” of the Italian language.

Dates: Saturday October 17th 2015 and run through Saturday December 19th 2015, 1-2pm

Location: 37 Water Street, Suite 4, Wakefield, MA
Event Coordinator:
Gisella Di Paola, or call us at
Phone # 617-833-9661 or 617- 939- 4216

Italian Heritage Month Contest 2015
Italian Heritage Month Contest 2015

Sponsored by C.A.S.IT in collaboration with October Italian-American Heritage Month Committee, and Sons of Italy.

Students are asked to create a children’s book in Italian.
While students through grade 8 will create a physical copy, high school students may instead create a digital version. The project will present a logical progression, use of language determined by grade level, creativity progressing with level of study, visual appeal, and in some cases, the use of technology. We hope that students will create a book that a teacher or students could share with students of Italian at younger grade levels.

Download the Contest Form for more information.

Italian Heritage Contest Awards:


1. Carolina, Audrey, and Antonio: Milano. Eliot School, Boston. Teacher: Rosemarie Grasso-Caracciola.

2. Mrs. Notaro’s 5th grade class: Viaggio a Pompeii. McGlynn Elementary School, Medford. Teacher: Laura Odoguardi.

Middle School:

1. Rachel Dakermanji, Abby Czwakiel, and Karina Landry: Viaggiare in Italia. (7th grade, Madeleine Dugger) Andrews Middle School, Medford. Teacher: Adriana Thomas.

2. Joseph Scioli, 8th grade: Trip to Rome. Wilmington Middle School. Teacher: Katia DeStefano.

High School Levels 1-3:

1. Miya Fieleke, Italian 3H: Possiamo andare a Roma. Winchester High School. Teacher: Abbey Mathews.

2. Zoe Miller and Tiana Pignone, Italian 2H: Ho vinto un viaggio in Italia. Stoneham High School. Teacher: Teresa Soccio.

3. Natalie Maldonado, Italian 1. La mia settimana in Italia. Revere High School. Teacher: Joanne LaPolla.

High School Levels 4-5AP:

1. Alison Rowley and Jude Macannuco, Italian 5: Il nostro viaggio in Italia. Winchester High School, Teacher: Tanya Ferretto

2. Gislane Braga, Rachel Garland, and Kayla Brum, Italian 4: Andiamo a Firenze. Medford High School. Teacher: Rita DiCarlo.

Creative Award:

1. Morgan Lopez and Sofia Cucinatti, Italian 2: The amazing trip to Venice. Winchester High School. Teacher: Abbey Mathews.

Additional Information

The Italian Ministry of Foreign affairs, through the Consulate General of Italy of Boston, provides partial incentive funds for Italian Instruction in New England elementary, middle and high schools. CASIT, an “ente gestore” (managing entity) for the Italian Ministry, receives and administers the grants and funds. If your school/district is interested in starting or continuing an Italian program, please contact our office or download the Enrollment Form and follow the instructions for grant requests. Learn more

C.A.S.IT. photo
C.A.S.IT. photo
C.A.S.IT. photo
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