C.A.S.IT. Team


Rosalba Schino. Rosalba is a Faculty member of the Boston University Questrom School of Business. She has previously served as CASIT's Secretary/Clerk and Coordinator of the CASIT summer camp. She has actively served on the Board since 2013. Rosalba has served as Vice President and Board member of various independent schools in Boston over the years.


Carla Vollaro. Carla is an entrepreneur and founder of “LeCarline,” a jewelry company based in Wakefield, MA. She has been involved with CASIT as a volunteer, active in fundraising.


Alessandro Vianello. Alessandro is the Director of Finance and Operations at Lasell Village. He has been involved in serving non-profit organizations over the years. Alessandro is a Board member and Secretary/Clerk of the Dante Alighieri Society of Boston.


Enrico Vietri. Enrico is a Director at Aetna Healthcare. He served as Vice President of CASIT in 2018 and 2019. Enrico started his involvement with CASIT as a volunteer, being extremely active in organizing and hosting successful fundraising programs and activities for CASIT. Enrico is also President of the New England Chapter of the Accademia della Cucina Italiana.


Gisella DiPaola

Gisella is a Senior Vice President of Eagle Bank. She has successfully managed the "Gioca con Me" program. Gisella served as Treasurer and Board member over the years. Eagle Bank has sponsored CASIT's fundraising programs.

Maria Mansella

Maria Mansella is a Professor at the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) and a Special Lecturer at Providence College. Maria has served on CASIT's Board of Directors since CASIT's formation. She is very active in various Rhode Island Italian professional organizations, also serving as advisor.

Giuseppe Polimeni

Giuseppe is a liaison in the Springfield school system, a community facilitator, and an advocate for the Italian culture. Giuseppe has served on CASIT's Board since its formation.

Antonella Spinace-Casale

Antonella is a member of the Accounting Faculty at Bentley University. She has previously served as Interim President and Board member of CASIT. She has been involved for several years, assisting with various needs and activities of the organization.



Uff. Maria Gioconda Motta. Gioconda is a CASIT co-founder. She has served as President, Chair of the Board, and Executive Director of Education. She has over four decades of experience in the field of education, and is a dedicated, pro-bono advocate for students with special needs in various school districts. She is the recipient of many educational awards, both in Italian and American communities.


Adelaide Guarracino. Adelaide is President of P&H Business Support Solutions, LLC and Patriot Iron Corporation. She has served as past President, Vice President, and Treasurer of CASIT. Adelaide has been extensively involved in fundraising and CASIT's operations for the past two decades.